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Kaskad-TECHNOLOGIES and SYSTEMS: manufacturer of the high-voltage equipment

The significant volume of morally and physically outdated equipment (depreciation of electrical industry exceeds 70%), relatively high maintenance costs, insufficient level of technology development - all of that prompted TASHIR Group of Companies, Moscow, to pay their attention to the development of electrical industry and, in particular, to the high voltage equipment production.

Kaskad-TECHNOLOGIES and SYSTEMS Company was created to implement the latest European technologies into electrical equipment production. The first significant result of this work is the start-up of modern high voltage equipment production plant in Kaluga (under technology of the Belgian company DEBA).

The modular design KD-2 we present is intended for reception and distribution of three-phase alternative current, 50 Hz frequency, 6 to 24 kV voltage. The KD-2 modules can be used to rebuild and build new feeding centers, central distribution points (CRP), cubicle-type switchgear (KRU), transformer and grid substations (TP and RP).

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Each module of the KD-2 system represents a cubicle-type switchgear (KRU) designed to receive and distribute three-phase alternative current of 50 Hz frequency and 6, 10, 17 and 24 kV voltage. The KRU KD-2 can be installed in power stations, as well as, due to their compact size, in any small industrial premises or technical rooms of residential buildings. Compared to the traditional switchgear, the KD-2 series KRU switchgear cubicles save up to 95% of space. Due to the well-designed KRU structure, maintenance personnel have easy access to all module compartments to replace fuses, install additional modules and perform periodic maintenance. The more detailed review of the KD-2 series KRU cubicles you can find in section "Module catalog".

Module nomenclature includes KD-2 switchgear cubicles with mounted SF6 circuit breakers (KRUE - SF6 insulated cubicle switchgear). Compared to the outdated small-capacity oil devices (KSO and KRU(E)), KRUE provide much higher breaking capacity, as well as explosion and fire safety. The detailed information on different SF6 insulated cubicle switchgear manufactured by Kaskad-TECHNOLOGIES and SYSTEMS can be found in the corresponding section of the catalog: KD-P, KD-D, KD-D-500, KD-AAD (KRUE with integrated SF6 circuit breakers), KD-LK.